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    DominoPuzzle is a visual logic puzzle game where you must find the domino tiles. Dominoes have been placed on a table, and the numbers written down without the lines for the tiles. Your challenge is to draw in the lines. DominoPuzzle provides several helpful features for solving these puzzles which make them easier (and faster) to work than with only paper and pencil. But, you can print out puzzles if you prefer to work them on paper (or on the go).
What's new for DominoPuzzle 0.3b (released May 06, 2008) Version History

  • Fixed a bug where 0.2b would check online for updates constantly

DominoPuzzle Features

  • Randomly generated puzzles to keep playing...
  • Simple, clean interface
  • Print puzzles*
  • Customize colors for domino tiles with one possible placement, two placements, no placements (oops!), and more.
  • * Some features are missing or will be enhanced before the final version

Register DominoPuzzle

    DominoPuzzle is shareware. If you use DominoPuzzle beyond a trial period, you should register. Your registration supports the shareware try-before-you-buy model in general and a responsive, independent programmer in particular.

    Register DominoPuzzle now and receive your code via automatic email.

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