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Cintos 2.0 - released March 24, 2002

  • First release for Mac OS X.

Cintos 2.1 - released April 7, 2002

  • Computer opponents. Basic computer opponents are added, which can be any (or all) of the players. Quick icon buttons show whether players are human or computer controlled and allow the player type to be easily changed.
  • Undo/Redo. Moves within a game can now be undone or redone. Games saved from this (and later versions) will have a full move history, allowing you to undo all the wayback to the new game position.
  • Enhanced graphics. The board and pieces have new stylish graphics. Player status now shows small pieces to indicate how many pieces a player has remaining.
  • Opening files from the Finder. You can now drag a game save onto Cintos 2.1 to open it.
  • About menu now has real information contact information, Cintos site, and special thanks.
  • Help menu now features the Cintos Tutorial.
  • Free Play / Normal Play button moved to more intuitive Turn Free Play On/Off menu item.
  • New Game and ? (Help) buttons added to the main window.

Cintos 2.2 - released April 24, 2002

  • Added "Easy" Computer Players. The existing computer players are now "Medium".
  • Added the ability to enter Player Names.
  • Added Preferences for Computer Speed and Board Backgrounds.
  • Consolidated the game options (human/computer, board setup, player names) into a New Game sheet. The New Game sheet allows storing a default game setup.
  • Added a "Pause Computer" button to the main window.
  • Removed dialog for "Computer Players are Paused" and some others.
  • Renamed "Free Play" to "Learning Mode".
  • Fixed a problem where undo wasn't always restoring the correct "current player".
  • Fixed memory leaks, including one causing Cintos to use much more memory each time a computer player moved.

Cintos 2.2.1 - released May 15, 2002

  • "Hard" Computer Player. New computer player with more advanced logic.
  • Animated piece capture. Pieces and territory blend colors at a configurable speed.
  • Simplified New Game sheet. The sheet has been reworked to a simpler, smaller interface.
  • New board backgrounds. Three new board backgrounds: hills, bumps, and peg board.
  • Trashing pieces. Dragging pieces to the trash no longer removes them from the board.
  • Stylish icon. A more stylish icon to fit in with OS X.
  • Cintos now registers preferences in a friendly way.

Cintos 3.0 - released June 18, 2002

  • Online Play. Play against others via the internet.
  • Online Messaging Window. Chat with others during an online game (complete with spell check and Taunt button).
  • Game Statistics. Detailed statistics are collected based on Player Names (including winning and losing streaks, moves to eliminate players, and more).
  • Custom Colors. Select any colors you desire for each player.
  • Custom Board Image. Select any standard image file for the board background.
  • Apple Help. Revamped help with many clickable, searchable pages.
  • Window memory. Positions for most windows will be automatically saved.
  • Space Highlighting. Learning Mode now shows the result of moves by color highlighting spaces moved to.

Cintos 3.0.1 - released June 24, 2002

  • Close Window menu option added.
  • Bug Fix: Computer players eliminating themselves does not "freeze" the game.
  • Bug Fix: Changes to Online Name and Online Port are always used.
  • Bug Fix: When the host disconnects, the connection is closed after 5 seconds.
  • Bug Fix: Connecting to an online game now shows all players correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Online Default Board Setup is now saved correctly.

Cintos 3.0.2 - released July 16, 2002

  • Lettered Pieces. Pieces are now given letters for easy keyboard selection.
  • Copy & Paste. Menus were shuffled to conform to the OS X standards (File, Edit, Game). Copy, Paste, Spelling, and Speech options were added.
  • No move, no turn. In the rare event that a player has no moves available, Cintos beeps and skips to the next player.
  • Consolidated Main Window. The main window has been consolidated to remove extra space around the board and player indicators.
  • Statistics Help. Help was added regarding the Game Statistics.
  • Custom Background Samples. An example image and a template background image are provided.
  • Bug Fix: Statistics now update when the statistics window is open and a game ends.
  • Bug Fix: Turns are properly updated after redoing moves.
  • A few less notable bug fixes and tweaks are also included.

Cintos 3.1.0 - released August 14, 2002

  • Resizable Board. The main window is now resizable from pretty darn small to as big as your machine can handle.
  • Player Info drawer. Player information has been moved to a drawer which can be shown/hidden as desired.
  • Toolbar. The main window now has a toolbar for quick access to New Game, Rematch, and much more.
  • Static Piece Lettering. Now letters are assigned for each piece and remain throughout the game.
  • Drag and drop Custom Background. An image well has been added to drag an image for the board background.
  • Piece Lettering Preference. You can now hide the piece letters thru a preference (or toolbar item).
  • Remove Player's Stats. Added an option to remove one player's statistics only.
  • Forfeit Games. When a human player has only a few pieces left, stopping a game will count as a loss in the statistics.
  • Bug Fix: Statistics window now behaves well with no stats.
  • Bug Fix: The player type name (such as "Medium Computer") now shows in your custom color too.
  • A few less notable bug fixes and tweaks are also included.

Cintos 3.1.1 - released September 24, 2002

  • Custom Piece Outline/Text. Customize the text and outline color of pieces to allow for more readable and distinctive pieces.
  • Check for New Version. Option to check for an updated version automatically.
  • More Window Memory. Now remembers window (and column) positions of Preferences, Game Statistics, and Online Messaging.
  • Bug Fix: Clicking on columns in Game Statistics (to sort) no longer causes a crash.

Cintos 3.2 - released May 8, 2003

  • Rendevous Online Games. Host and discover local online games automatically.
  • Online Games with multiple others. Any number of people can play and/or watch an online game.
  • Reworked Networking. Completely overhauled the online game system to allow features above!
  • Removed Online Restriction. Online games no longer have a move restriction when unregistered.

Cintos 3.2.1 - released May 15, 2004

  • Board Background Images. Added 10 new background images from Ben Anderman.
  • About Cintos Updates. Updated to a simpler, shorter about dialog box.

Cintos 3.2.2 - released June 22, 2005

  • Updated Registration Info. Links to the eSellerate store and reflects the new registration amount.
  • Two Player Setup. Resolved an issue where the two-player options did not match the results.
  • Setup Preview Board. Resolved an issue where the player setup options preview was not displaying properly.

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